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90 degree branching

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hey All. I'm probably going over ground that's been answered before!

With the club level harness what are our options for branching off at 90 degrees? Its not valid for the worked example in the video so not gone over in any detail. Is our only option for a good looking & asthetically pleasing harness to use a 90 degree T transition heat shrink boot like the professional ms harness?

EDIT: I should have added this at the start of my thread. Building a new manifold harness for a WRX V5-6 engine. I'm combining the 2 factory plugs into one 31 pin Deutsch HD series plug. One part of harness goes to driver side of Mani using a concentric twist & other underneath to the TPS, IACV, Coil etc, twisted as well. So it's a kind of hodge podge club level/pro harness!

It's cheaper and easier to just do a "straight" branch using just regular SCL or ATUM.

And then smoothly bend each branch wherever they need to go. If it's 90 degrees, it'll have to have more radius to it. You can't do a tight 90 like with a T boot. But the straight branch and route can still look really good, as long as you can do it tidy enough.

I find SCL is more aesthetic than ATUM. Because it's more jet black instead of grey. And the adhesive is black like epoxy, instead of translucent grey. ATUM adhesive just looks like a high tech hot glue.

Hi Brian, if you want a sharp 90 degree transition then your options will depend on what you're sheathing the loom with. Ultimately even for a club level harness you can incorporate a moulded boot, however the recovery temperature for these moulded transitions is too high to work with something like an expandable fabric braid. Another option that I see from time to time is to use something like a cloth looming tape to wrap your transition - not my preferred option but it's still an option. SCL and ATUM are my usual club level options for transitions but a true 90 is going to be hard to achieve sadly.

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