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AMPSeal Crimp Tool Options

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi everyone!

I've just purchased an AIM PDM32 and I need to pin two 35-way AMPSeal connectors. Having used these connectors in the past, I know the insulation crimp is critical to get right - you can't insert the pin into the receptacle properly otherwise...

So I'm looking for alternatives to the super-expensive, £400 TE crimp tool! Has anyone had success with a third-party tool for these terminals?

Appreciate your help 👍🏻

I was in much the same boat this is what i had to do, I purchased an IWISS Weather pack Crimp Tool and drilled out the pin guides for the AMPseal pin diameter. I have had much success using it this way but your going to have to pay extra attention to the sleeve crimp afterwards as it might not get fully crimped the first time

This was the tool I used however I'm in the USA so I'm not sure about availability in your area


Thanks Joshua, that's helpful and certainly an option. I looked at several Superseal / Econoseal crimpers for the same reason, but I think they will all leave the insulation crimp too large because they allow for the little rubber seal...

I actually have a Weatherpack crimp tool - part of the Tool Aid Master Terminal tool kit as used in the course - but the hole for the 150 seals is much larger than the insulation crimp for the AMPSeal :-(

Hoping (maybe beyond hope?!?) that there is another option!

How about have the Aim importer in your country do the crimp?

I actually contacted them today, not for that reason but to see if they could suggest an alternative to the TE tooling. Turns out they use this, which is actually a Superseal crimper! But they inform me that it works remarkably well :-)


The official tool isn't *that* expensive.

TE Connectivity / AMP Brand 58529-1 | eBay

I got lucky and found an unused old-stock one on ebay and saved $100. That's what I'm using now.

Cheers Matt! That’s certainly a lot cheaper than in the UK! Looking at £80+VAT M for the frame and £170+VAT for the AMPseal die!!

Not sure the one in the link you shared has the correct die set so I’ll follow that up. If they’re prepared to send to the UK it could be a good option 👍🏻

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