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Binder 719 5-pin connector

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Need to install a Binder 719 5-pin connector. So need to solder the wire in the small cups of the connector. Pretty small. I never installed such connector and I am struggling with the soldering part. Could not find much help online. I tried to fill the pin cups with solder and then come with my wires...but then, it's just virtually impossible to "slide" the wires inside the cups. Tried with putting the wires into the cups without solder first...bad results...I don't know if I need to use a specific type of soldering wire...or just what's the technique, cause I clearly don't have it. It's to install a brake pressure sensor from Avio Race. Thanks !

It's certainly possible. I have done hundreds. I recently had an intern working for me. I set him up with a pair if Binder 719 connectors, and had him desolder / resolder the connections until he got comfortable doing it.

I suggest:

-- if possible connect to a mating connector (which acts as a heat sink for the terminals, preventing the housing from melting and mis-aligning the terminals)

-- Hold the connector (and it's mate) in a vise. I use a small panavise with rubber jaws.

-- use the proper gauge wire, so that it fits in the solder cup. Sometimes I don't have a choice, and will remove a strand or two of wire that won't quite fit. so the remaining strands will fit.

-- Use a small tipped soldering iron, and thin flux-core solder. Tin the soldering iron tip to help it transfer the heat to both the wire and solder cup (put the tip on right at the joint.

-- Feed small amounts of solder into the area below the tip, on the wire side.

-- For 5 pin 719 (and 5/7/8 pin 712) connectors, I sometimes put a 3-4mm long piece of 1/16 in (1.5mm?) heat shrink tubing on every other wire. This prevents a stray wire, or excess solder from shorting with a nearby pin. I slide the heat shrink down as soon as the connection is soldered. Now when soldering the next pin, there is no chance of creating a solder bridge.

Hope this helps.

If I'm looking at the correct connectors online, the pins look a lot like DB series pins.

I slide the wire in, heat it a little with a small tip on a soldering iron, iron, not gun, and use small diameter solder, I want to say around .020".

I use a "helping hand" electronics assembly holder to assemble these. These connectors are a massive pain, typically once you have the first wire connected the rest get easier.

Pre strip the wires to the correct length. 24 AWG tefzel is the only wire I use for those anymore, anything larger becomes very difficult.

I agree with everything David said, never tried heat shrink on each wire though as its usually a tight fit as is

Thanks a lot for all the tips !

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