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Documenting a loom

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi All,

I run a Noble M12, and at 18 years old, somethings, including the wiring, is starting to show its age.

I managed to pick up a box of Noble parts cheap on ebay and at the bottom of the box was an ECU and wiring loom (like finding gold).

My plan was to get a big sheet of board and lay out the loom on it, strip and document connectors and cable types.

My question is about documenting and creating a diagram that is easy for others to follow. I hunted around on youtube but couldn't find a good guide.

Any thoughts, tips or resources anyone can point me at?

Doh, just went back and found in the Practical Wiring - Club Level course the Preparing Documentation section.

It's for new looms, but I think it will work well. That said it could do with a key for the sensor section as for people who are new like me, I'm not sure what a G sensor is? I probably need to rewatch the sensor video too :)

G Sensor is typically shorthand for G Force or Acceleration Sensor. There are different types of these sensors with variations in the range and axis that they have.

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