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ECU masters DET3 wiring from scratch

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I would like to get some step by step wiring information about the DET3 as there are a few issues i've had with the cars that are running those. One wired to a Starlet non turbo 1300cc and also in a Subaru Gc8 Sti.

It's not a product that I've got any experience with but what are your specific questions? In general there are limitations you can expect with any style of piggyback, particularly in my experience if you choose to use it to remove a MAF sensor. There is a wiring manual included here which has a lot of ECU specific instructions:


So I've gone through that but a lot of the wrong instructions aren't very clear.... If I were to need specific instructions on how I need to wire a certain wire or two on the piggyback would you be able to help? Also this Piggy back has a fuel implant mode where it does allow you to control the injectors direct and I would like some assistance figuring that out too. I have currently gone through the first two of your wiring courses and it's not giving me any information that I need on this problem. I would really appreciate the help.

We may be able to help but since I haven't used the module before it's going to be difficult to give you thorough advice. It's a relatively simple device though. It intercepts the engine speed/position signals as well as the MAF/MAP sensor and then outputs modified signals to the factory ECU. The wiring digram I linked to doesn't cover direct injector control but that is likely to be more of the same - Injector wire gets cut and goes into the module before being manipulated and sent to the injector.

If you would like to check it out directly it is called their Fuel Implant technology. I have attached the wiring diagram they give when trying it to use the injectors directly. It still runs with a few limitations of the factory ECU having to be in place but it has a lot more functionality used like this. This is wired to a GC8 JDM Sti and I know the wiring is wrong so if it is possible for you to give me wire by wire as to what should go where. It would help a lot. I can start there and if still the car doesnt fire i might ask you for a bit of initial setup help for a startup map in the fuel implant mode.

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Hi Nigel,

Did you get the answer? If yes, please update us. Also, tell me how you did the wiring? From the manual I am unable to understand how just two wires can control 4 injectors at once?

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