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ecu plug

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

Relevant Module: Practical Wiring Harness Design Skills > Component Inspection and Physical Mounting

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can a harness be made from say in my application and stock rb25 blue plu ecu???

Uh, what?

Tim I'm not sure what you're asking. Can you rephrase?

so i wanna turn my factory rb20/25 det ecu (blue plug) into a standalone ecu and running a nis-tune, and only want to use the factory engine harness and not the factory body loom harness. Or potentially make my own harness using factory ecue blue plug and only running the necessary wires such as eccs relays, coils, inj, cas etc????

yep it is alot harder to get my hands on plugs and connectors here in NewZealand but all i really want to do is if you look at thgis photo the green plugs closest to the ecu plug are the eccs relays which if im not wrong turn the ecu??? and the other one is for the factory fuel pump.. and from further research the few wires from the key barrel and what turn those relays on when key is in on position, anyways.... i want to relace the key barrels job with a toggle switch as my setup does not have a factory body loom harness at all.... ps if the photo does send lol

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im no magician and have atleast some understanding of vehicles and wiring so yeah cut meh some slack plz lol besides im from nz and do thinsg alot differently

So, you want to know if you can gut the vehicle'swiring harnesses to just run the stock ECU on an engine-only harness, based one the OEM engine harness, using a toggle ignition and momentary contact starter switch?

Yes, you should be able to sort something out, but it may be cost effective to use an aftermarket ECU and pre-made harness - Haltech can do both for that vehicle - and on-selling the stuff you don't need to reduce overall cost?

yep exatcly what i wanna do and ive already got a nis-tuned ecu and factory uncut engine loom which would be a waste not to use it as i'm not even looking for much power anyways, me mate owned a rb25 swapped e36 with this exact same setup tuned at cdm with factory nis-tune ecu chip and made 300kw but car was sold before i could look at the setup, i wanna to do the same i thought this course would help me and came to ask some questions as well as information?

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