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EMU black dbw wiring

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on this wiring for the dbw im trying to do .

My setup is a bosch 82 mm throttle body and a 350z pedal. I have a pmu 16, emu black and a can to usb setup that I am wiring from scratch on my rb30/25 neo build. I have attached the pin outputs of both as attachments . so for the h -bridge windings im assuming a/b go to the motor +/- to the emu black grey connectors 2 and 10 what about all the tps and pedal stuff ? im a bit confused .

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This seems easy. You have the necessary documentation.

I would connect

ThrottleBody 1 (TPS-) and Pedal 1 & 3 (Sensor Ground) to Black 38 or 39 (Sensor Ground)

ThrottleBody 3 (TPS+) and Pedal 4 & 6 (+5V) to Black 26 or 34 (+5V)

ThrottleBody 6 (TPS1) to Black 31 (Analog 1)

ThrottleBody 5 (TPS2) to Black 4 (Analog 2)

Pedal 5 (APS Main) to Black 17 (Analog 3)

Pedal 2 (APS Sub) to Black 30 (Analog 4)

You have the Motor Correct:

ThrottleBody 1 (Motor -) to Grey 2 (H-Bridge #1 Winding A)

ThrottleBody 4 (Motor +) to Grey 10 (H-Bridge #1 Winding B)

Thank you :)


what about the tps wire (B18) is that relevant in this situation or can i use it as one of the analog ? the software doesnt let me choose it as one but there is a check box that states use throttle plate as tps would i need to check that ?


I didn't notice that -- I would contact ECU Master tech support to ask. You probably change what I connected to Analog1 to the TPS input, but perhaps you just need to tick the check box in the software.

Hello Joey,

The TPS input (B18) must be connected to one of the Pedal Position Sensor signals as explained below & illustrated in the attachment:

EMU BLACK supports electronic throttles. The throttle motor has to be powered via HBRIDGE 1 outputs.The throttle postion sensors should be connected to any free analog inputs. The pedal position sensor should be connected to the TPS and free analog input.

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