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Fuse center options

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I'm looking for a solution to a fuse center for a re-wiring project at the clubsport level

Something similar to the Bussmann 15300 series, but has at least some options for ATO size fuses for some larger loads

And here's the kicker.... Needs to be available in a reasonable amount of time, not back ordered for a year.... Located in the US.

What are people using? Or do people just use the 15300, and add a separate unit for circuits that need a higher continuous load rating?

Basically, you're looking for an automotive fusebox - do you need it to have relays as well - oh, and how many fused circuits?

When you figure out the total cost, especially if you want re-setable circuit breakers, it may not be far off a PDU with CANBUS control, if your ECU supports it?

You should be able to source what you need from any reputable automotive electrical supplier, from stock - if not the first, then the second or third. I'd pay to shop around, anyway, as some may add a "motorsport tax" to it.

I don't think I have the time, money or patience for installing and programming a PMU at this time. Plus, my first project is an add-on. I am leaving the factory wiring in place, but adding circuits for all of my race-specific circuitry (telemetry, cool-suit, windshield defroster, JAWS lights, etc).

Most of what I would like to install would fit in a standard Bussmann 15300 or GEP unit, but I'm stuck on the heavier draw circuits, where a Mini fuse is a little small for the current requirements.

My only advice would be look at racespec in the US. I know Joel has great stock levels most of the time so getting something fast shouldnt be your first problem. In terms of suitable ATO fuses a simple idea could be to use an inline sealed fuse type situation. (best I could find from a single source)



Ah, so you're looking for something like a fuse and relay box, for example - https://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-Relays-Automotive-Marine-Reserved/dp/B07RYQQ4T8/ref=pd_lpo_1?pd_rd_i=B07RYQQ4T8&psc=1

Another alternative is to buy some relay sockets that attach to the chassis/body, like some of these that can be slotted together, with fused relays. https://www.cgon.co.uk/car-parts/electrical-components/relays/

Thanks, Adam, those are very useful - especially the second with the very well illustrated correct, and incorrect, crimping.

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