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Help Identifying FD3s Thermoswitch Connector

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi Guys

Hoping you can help, I have a couple of RX7 FD's I am working on and they are missing the single pin thermo switch connector from the wiring harness. The connector plugs in to a thermoswitch located in the back of the water pump housing next to the coolant temp sensor.

I can find them on Rywire but I a, looking for the OEM part numbers for the various parts so i may order them in bulk as its a common item to brake off due to the heat in the area and only having a single wire leading from it.

I will add some pictures in the hope that someone here knows what the part number and manufacturer is.

I have found a post from one of the RX-7 forums giving a full list of the connectors on the engine harness however the one i need is one of the very few not yet identified on the list. Another source lists is as a Yazuki part but looking at Corsa Technic the image looks totally wrong.

This image is from one of the RX7Club pages and shows a connector dismantled including the terminal and the seal (fat back disc) along with the sensor in the background.

These are apparently also used on some Toyotas so maybe a Toyota guy may know.

You might have tried this already... have you been to Mazda; if you have a friendly parts man they will be able to print off and help source any parts from here in the Uk or in Belgium where Mazda keep a lot of stock. It is rare to find such a friendly parts man I know.

As for the sensors are you using the 108degree fd or the 95 degree fc sensors as this is a good mod to do; the fans kick in much lower aiding in cooling.

I’ll have a dig though the piles of rx paper work I have and see what I can find this week.

There are a lot of rx guru’s in the Uk who also might be able to help; Colum at garagereg/dynotorque; Pip at PG Automotive.

Hi Dave

I actually run Essex Rotary, and have some pretty good hookups with Mazda, I know Pip and Colum also.

I have access to the Mazda parts network and the relative parts catalogues online however Mazda are one of the manufacturers that do not sell the individual connectors or harness repair parts.

I heard back from a friend at Toyota today as they use the same parts on some cars, however for each connector its probably going to be about £20.00

needless to say when we can buy connectors from wholesale sources like RS-Components, Furnell or Mouser for example t'here are big savings to be had.

This is why i am looking for the OEM part number to source them in somewhat of a bulk quantity as they are a common part to fail with the wire braking cluch with the connector, or not even being there in some cases.

Hoping someone can help as i have spent considerable time looking these up and still cant find them, its kicking my ass.

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