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Help with CLT connector

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I'm trying to find a connector for the coolant temperature sensor on a 90-93 1.6L Mazda Miata.

It looks like a TE Junior Power Connector with the key in a different spot. The only JPT connector I can find has the key in the middle, but this needs it offset.

In the attached picture, the green connector is the original - the one I need. The black connector is a JPT connector.

Any idea if anyone still makes this connector or where I can get it?


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You might start here, and drill down into the various keying options to get the actual housing part number:


Hi David,

I've already spent the afternoon looking at TE's website. I've found housings with 4+ pins that have different key locations, but all the 2 pin housings I've found have it in the middle.

I'll look again in case I missed it - TE sure doesn't make it easy.


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