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How to Insert Size 20 Pins into Deutsch HD30 Connectors?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I have an HD30 (47 pin) connector and I'm having a nightmare of a job inserting the Size 20 pins into it around the outer edge (center ones seem to go ok).

I'm using the official plastic removal tool to try and get them in, as you can't use the wire to push them in as it just bends.

But they just don't want to go in, and if I put to much force into it the end of the tool breaks (gone through 2), I've used a metal one and that ended up meaning the pins didn't lock in and having to buy a whole new connector.

Is there any tricks to them?

Attached images are of the old connector I stuffed, decided to take it apart to see how it worked, might be of interest to someone (definitely not a serviceable item...).

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I've only done DTM which is the same pin and the red plastic tools work well usually.

what type of wire are you using? regardless try dipping the contact in isopropol (rubbing) alcohol. it lubricates but evaporates pretty quickly.

i am suspecting your wires insulation is to big in diameter.

I'm Using Tefzel, I don't think it's the issue, I can get the pin in right up until the locking tabs, but getting it past them is the hard part (but only for the outer pins). Too much pressure and the tool just splits. If I use a metal tool it damages the locking tabs.

I'll try your trick with the isopropol maybe that will help get it past the tabs.

As Joshua says, use isopropyl alcohol liberally when inserting. You can't use too much as it evaporates anyway.

When using the insertion tool make sure you go in dead straight! Never twist or angle the tool when inside the connector! This breaks the retention fingers. They are very fragile when it comes to this.

I find it easiest to place the terminal inside the insertion tool, making sure the terminal shoulder is butted up against the tool edge, and then insert it into the connector. Rather than inserting the terminal first and then bringing in the insertion tool. Also, I put my thumb on the wire itself so that way I'm not relying purely on the flimsy insertion tool to provide the necessary force for the insertion but also the wire itself. Therefore the tool is more acting like a brace to stop the wire from kinking rather than forcing the terminal past the insertion fingers. I have added in a picture to show what I mean. This is for AS connectors but they use a similar retention system.

Also, I noticed you have 2 different sizes of terminal cavities on your connector. Make sure you are inserting the correct size terminal. I know it sounds stupid but these mistakes are easily made (speaking from experience).

Finally, I noticed you say you are using the removal tool to insert the terminals. The removal tool is just that, a removal tool. There is a specific tool for insertion as well. For size 20 terminals the Deutsch part number is M15570-20 which cross references to M081969/14-11 for the mil-spec number. You should be able to find this very cheaply.

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Thanks for your response Rob.

I didn't realise there was a specific insertion tool, so that will be it and explains why i've been having so much trouble.

Having the right tool for the job will make all the difference.

Thanks for your help, appreciated :)

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