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Identifying connectors

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi all, need some help identifying 3 connectors. Doing an engine harness for a 4x4 Sierra Sapphire Cosworth and I can't seem to find these 3 connectors anywhere. Does anyone know a part number for them or can point me in the right direction as to where to buy please?

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Why can't you use the ones pictured? They look to be in good shape, you could clean them up and splice the wiring as necessary.

Have you checked the factory workshop manual, or parts drawings at a dealership to see if they can source repair pigtails?

Since it looks like two of your connectors go together, have you considered, just replacing both sides with something you can purchase such as a DTM-8?

I could use the same connectors, but I don't know what pins and rubber to buy for them.

Factory workshop and parts catalogues do not show them anywhere.

Although two of them match, they are not connected together. The 3 connectors split the harness at the firewall for easier engine removal. I could change to different sets, but I would much rather keep the factory ones if it's possible.

Hello Brendan,

If you still require assistance with these, can you post some photos with dimensions, as well as the contacts de-pinned from the connector body?

Hey CosworthPowered, Im building a new harness for my YB engine at the moment, its 200 block that came from 4X4 but on a RWD car. I cant remember seeing these connectors on my old harness, which was an aftermarket for an Haltech E6X ECU.

Which ECU is going to be used in your project?

Hi Nadav, 2wd Cosworths had the L1 and L6 ECUs and did not have these connectors as the harness was one piece from engine to ECU. It was only in the later 4x4 that they were used for the L8 and P8 ECUs. Mine will be using the L8.

my engine was removed from sierra cosworth 4X4 and now located in sierra cosworth RWD. but Im not using the original ECU as the engine is modified. the new ECU is Haltech 2500. I still have lots of info to get before finishing this project and at the moment Im reading about adding camshaft sensor. not sure I will go that way but is sure look nice.

Wish I could be more help here, but I think those are Ford's own connectors. I haven't been able to find much info for them even in North America. I have done a few Foxbody Mustangs and they use the same type of connectors. Try using Motorcraft as part of your keyword searches

They honestly haven't been super reliable for me, I would recommend the same as David and just crimp on Deutsch or something.

A link to get you started hunting in the right direction:


Thank you Teeson. I have looked through Motorcraft catalogues but have found nothing similar. It seems I have little choice left and will go with Deutsch connectors.

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