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Is Kopex/Flexible conduit a correct cable sleeving or should it be replaced ?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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In my stock wiring harness there is plenty of flexible conduit, sometimes named Copex/Kopex here but how does it fares against braided sleeves and DR25 ? I see people praises it for durability but other than that, I don't know much of it and I am still planning to go for DR25.. Added a picture as reference.

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I use it for interior runs where it lends itself to the aesthetic of the job, I never use it for anything in a bay as it tends to expand sort of like a stretched slinky if it gets hot.

That has been given the thumbs down on the course material for engine bay duties as it is basically plastic and has a very low melting point. Clearly when engines generate heat it is undesirable.

I have seen it used heaps and even in my car the person who originally wired it used it very heavily. I have since binned it all.

Interior duties where there isn't the heat, oil, water problems I cannot see a reason why not to use it. Keeps the wiring together and abrasion resistant.

I get it. @Bananaman I'm also getting it replaced as unfortunately the guy who swapped the engine before I used to own the car also made use of it pretty much everywhere.

Thanks for the replies!

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