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laveling wires on both ends?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi Taz,

How did you label the wires at the ECU end? How are you going to know which wire goes for which pin or function?

What I usually do is put a tape on both ends to each wire function because once you sheath the wires it is difficult to know them when they have the same color.

Thank you,


G'day Alsabaa.

Taz is our Customer Support Guru, it'd me you're seeing on the course.

I don't worry about labeling each end of the wires, and instead use a multimeter to find the wire I need when I'm pinning it into the ECU header. It doesn't take long, and is less of a handful than dealing with a heap of taped wires, as they get quite bulky with labels on them.

One thing I have seen done is to use small pieces of colored heatshrink one each end of a wire to identify it. Racespec sell a good kit.


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