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My first Wiring Harness after taking the "Practical Harness Construction" course

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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This harness is for my brothers 2014 ZL1 it runs the nitrous controller, nitrous & fuel solenoids, timing retard, dedicated fuel pump w/fuel pressure safety switch, 2 bottle heaters w/ pressure switch, purge solenoids, ice tank pump for supercharger, and line loc. It also takes in information from the throttle position sensor, vehicle speed sensor, and engine speed from the ignition. It uses 2 sealed Eaton Bussmann 10 fuse/5 relay boxes, and ground busses. I haven't finished all the branches yet, but the main trunk is done. It runs from the trunk mounted battery to the engine compartment following the battery cable so it's hidden from view until it comes through the firewall. I'll post some other pictures when it's done.

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Nice work

Thank you.

Here's some pictures of the harness installed before the interior was put back in.

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Cool, that car must be an animal to drive!

We drove 188 mph last year at the "Texas Mile". The Nitrous Oxide system wasn't working reliably. That was the reason for the nitrous control harness to be made. The first harness was purchased from a company which was supposed to be custom made for the car. It was roughly a meter short to fit the car properly. So I added some lengths of wire using butt connectors to make it fit. In some places it was to long and cut it down and used more butt connectors. So when it worked the car was really fast, but it didn't work reliably. We tried a bunch of things to fix the problems, but nothing seemed to work. When we drove 188 mph last year we converted the system over to just turning on when using the purge button. It was sketchy at best. We had to take our hand off the shifter find the purge button press it till the engine reached the shift rpm then shift then find the button again and repeat. It's a 6 speed car and were only using 5 gears, because of the difficulties of this procedure. So we decided in the off season to rebuild the wiring harness for the nitrous control system. Which is why I took the wiring course. The car makes roughly 700 horsepower to the wheels without it (690 something I forget the exact numbers) and we are using a 200 hp shot of Nitrous Oxide. So roughly 900 hp to the wheels. We will be testing this weekend at Indy Airstrip Attack if the weather holds out (it looks like rain), but our best numbers there have been around 154 mph using only 4 gears in the half mile event. We hope to be in the low to mid 160's there, and if all goes well we hope to be over 200 mph at the Arkansas Mile. So the short answer is yes the car is "an animal to drive" (at least to us).

Thats awesome. Would love to see some videos if you have an opportunity.

Here's a video on YouTube from 2 years ago on the half mile... I'll try to get something new this weekend.

Indy Airstrip Attack

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