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Splicing cam/ crank sensor grounds, power and shields

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi, I am building a harness for a Honda K20 engine. The engine has three, three wire shielded sensors for inlet cam, exhaust cam and crank. How do I splice the power, grounds and the shield in a neat way as they are in the separate shielded cables? Any example pictures? Thanks.

No magic. The key is to pull the shielded braiding back far enough so that you have enough wire to work with on ones that need splicing. Sometimes it looks a bit neater if the braid for each individual cable is spliced to a wire, and the shield wires are spliced together, instead of just the twisted braid.

No problem, thanks. I was going to earth everything on the engine block but for shields is it okay to earth on the chassis near the ECU?

I do the majority of the splices at the ECU end of the loom and attempt to hide them under the heatshrink\braid before the connector. Then I'll put DR25 on the end of the braid instead of SCL so you can get it off without ruining it should it require modification or servicing.

Shields should be connected to the sensor ground only.

Shields should be connected at one end (ECU end) only.

The shield on a cable acts a bit like an antennae and by connecting it to sensor ground you're attenuating the signal its receiving (noise) and that noise isn't getting into the signal conductors underneath.

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