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Star grounding

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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So is it safe to say with star grounding that all sensors should be grounded on the block and all relays should be grounded to the chassis? Would you ground a wideband o2, ignition coils and fuel injectors to the chassis as they are all powered by relays? Or am I getting confused?



Hi Brenton,

Sensor should be grounded back to the ECU 0v pins, not to chassis ground. There are some exceptions to this, with some of the CAS systems using chassis ground as they are powered from the battery, not the ECU.

Ignition coils will have different locations that they need to be grounded to, they need to have a ground path that allows for the circuit to be completed when they are triggered.

Injectors are grounded through the ECU.

The Wideband will be grounded through the device that is controlling it, either an external controller or the ECU.

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