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Starter Control terminal wiring size

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi Guy's, I'm designing my own harness for a Honda B series. I'm just about to order the wire, and I'm unsure about the starter control wire (connects via a spade) I worked out that the stock loom has a 10AWG wire, but I'm unsure how to calculate the load to see if I could change to a 12AWG to save some weight and space, could someone shed some light on this, should I stick with the stock loom wire size or would 12AWG be acceptable?

Which brings me to my next question, could someone recommend an entry level tool to crimp 10/12 AWG spades for this.


I always like how a Honda always starts. It's probably becuase of things like a 10 gauge solenoid line. Sure make it lighter / smaller, but don't complain when it doesn't start like an OEM Honda.

I know that on my race cars, I found that hot starting improved when I went from using a 18 ga starter solenoid wire to a 14 ga. So there's a data point.

to add another data point, 90's toyota's (my experience specifically with a GT Four) used a less than adequate wire to the starter solenoid with age and heat it wouldn't be enough voltage to engage the solenoid, the "fix" was to add another relay that was more sensitive than the solenoid.

do it once and run sufficient gauge wires so you dont need additional relays and failure modes.

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