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Tefzel to Factory Connector pins

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Hi all, how are you coping with crimping small gauge such as 20 and 22 tefzel to Oem or larger sized pins, The wire is obviously too small for some of the pin connectors and just doesn’t seem to crimp nicely. No problems when using DTM connectors, but some of the bosch connectors and factory nissan connectors are made to suit chunky insulated wiring not thin tefzel, do I just go up in wire size to an 18 or 16 awg where I know i’ll be using those style connectors?



I am familiar with the problems you're having, I solved it by going up a size for all my smaller patch looms so it didn't add that must cost or weight and it was just nicer\faster to pin.

The other solution I found was to strip off more of the insulation and double the conductors back on them selves, some times this made it too big so then I'd prune a couple of conductors so they only got crimped once and didn't get to double up. So all the conductors crimped at least once, but some crimped twice.

Cool, sounds like a good enough solution to me!

I switch to terminals suitable for the wire gauge I am using. For example, when using 24AWG for sensor harnesses but the typical JPT terminal supplied with the connector (in some cases) is for 0.5 mm². They also make them for 0.35 mm² and crimp just fine with 24 AWG.

That being said, double crimping is also possible or stepping up to 22 AWG or whatever fits.

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