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Using stock light and signal switches with ecu master pmu

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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Has anyone wired the inputs from a standard stock Nissan skyline light and signal switches to a pmu here ? I can’t find the diagram on the actual switches anywhere and would like to know how to wire them to work any help would be appreciated. Thanks

I can probably help, what model / trim of Skyline are you talking about?

Keep in mind you might need to rewire the switches as the PMU will not accept 12v+ on the analog inputs (they act as switches inputs).

ive got a r34 gtt . and im rewiring the whole car anyways i just cant find a diagram for the actual switches in any workbook . thanks in advance dude

Well, I can't find the turn signal indicator switch wiring, but the headlight switch wiring is located at page 180 of the following PDF : https://richr34.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/r34workshopmanualeng.pdf

yes i have seen that . and i cant tell what is what on there. there is no stalk wiring diagram that i can see on the service manual . i just need the inputs for the pmu but ive tested all the wires coming out from the stalk wiring for anything but i cant seem to figure it out .

Probe at the stalk with a meter on continuity test.

Once you know the pinout you should be able to rewire it to suit your application.

I believe the PMU inputs have selectable pullups so you could probably re orient the switch wiring so that they have a path to chassis ground on one side and the input of the PMU on the other, then configure the input as low active

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