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Wiring up the power system on battery conversion

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Club Level

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I just finished the awesome course, thanks again for all the work put into it, very clear. I'm eager to start working on my first wiring harness for my project car but when looking at the actual harness, I noticed the fuse box and battery terminals were in bad shape, which is not much of a trouble as I thought of moving the battery at the rear of car to save up space on the engine bay. What I'm thinking now is how, from the single battery positive cable, should I wire up things ?

I thought about getting an Eaton Power Distribution Module (following: https://www.waytekwire.com/item/46064/EATON-s-Bussmann-Series-31S-001-0-ssVEC-Power/) to cover up, in addition to the EFI wiring harness, for additional equiment in the car such as floor lighting or seat heaters that I've kept. If I get it correctly, the battery positive terminal must be connected to this box, to the starter and the charge lead of the alternator right ? How can I go from a single cable to three cables, each running to its location ? I guess with a 1/0 AWG cable you wouldn't go splicing with open barrel brass splices haha.

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The largest draw will be your starter. Run a cable from the battery positive to the starter, then run a cable from the starter to the Power Distribution point. Your alternator output can either go to the Starter or Power distribution, whichever is easier. This is a pretty common setup for purpose built race cars.

Should the alternator be fused?

What wiring are you trying to protect with the fuse? The alternator output wire should be sufficient size to carry all the current the alternator is capable of producing. I would not fuse an alternator output.

If you follow what David has mentioned you should have already fused the main battery cable as close as possible to the battery so if you loop the alternator off the starter then that circuit is already fused.

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