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Adaptronic and Motec CSV

Professional Motorsport Data Analysis

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Good Morning Everyone,

I was hoping someone could provide me with a CSV export from an Adaptronic and Motec ECU. I am looking to practice my data analysis techniques and wanted to work with these two ECUs but do not have access to them.



Why would you want a CSV file? Why not the native format data file, so you can use their free tools to analyze the data. Or are you making tools to work with CSV files?

What specific data are you looking for: Engine data for tuning, driver controls, or vehicle dynamics (speed, g-forces, suspension data)?

Hi David,

I am looking to make my own to ingest and parse their CSV files. That way I can work with vehicle and driver data. Engine data, vehicle dynamics, and driver controls would be ideal

The goal is to ultimately create and AI to assist in creating early warning systems based on predictive analytics. I am looking to create parsers inside my ingestion engine that is specific to each manufacturers way of laying out their CSV as I can't work with the native binary data.



OK -- Here is some MoTeC data from my Mazda-powered Van Diemen Sports Racer. The MoTeC logged data file was about 2.0 MB for 4 laps (Out, 2 timed, In), but the CSV file is 129MB, so I had to upload it to Google drive. Not sure how you would deal with a typical data file of mine, which would be 10 times larger for a full session / race). Now I could have the MoTec data exported at a lower sample rate, but I don't see how that would help your analysis, this used the "auto" setting which I think outputs at the highest sample rate of any channel.

Anyway, here is the link to the data file (this file will likely disappear in a few months):


Hi David,

Thank you very much for the response and example data file. I can handle very large data samples. Part of my dev process is also battle testing the system. So if you wanted to also upload a full race session that would work as well.



Give me access to a place to upload it and I will.


How big of a file you thinking of sending? Just need to know so that I allocate enough storage on a SFTP server.

As I said it will be about 10 times larger then the 129 MB one, so say 1.2GB -- pretty big for a text file.

Hi David,

I created a request link for my Dropbox. Give this


a try and let me know if you run into any issues.



Tom, I have uploaded the CSV and the original LD file you can open with MoTeC's I2 Pro software. Good Luck with your project.


Thank you very much for your assistance!



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