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Analysing the fastest driver on the team

Professional Motorsport Data Analysis

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I have completed the data analysis fundamentals course, but I am left with a practical question. On the race team I volunteer at, we have 3 drivers. One of them is significantly faster than the other two (1-3 seconds per lap sometimes). However, I am struggling to provide useful information to him when analysing his data. The other drivers are much easier because of the good reference lap set. I try to use the brake pressure trace to see braking point, peak pressure, bleed off. Also the traction circle I try to implement.

My question is, what else can I do to help the fastest driver on the team?

Thanks in advance!

Perhaps you can get a reference lap from an even faster driver. But eventually you will need to look for comparisons within the driver's own data. Look at more than just the fastest lap -- I overlay different laps and look for places where the time gain/loss shows an improvement to the fastest lap is possible.

If your analysis software allows you to overlay many laps, look for turns where the speed is inconsistent -- that is the opportunity to find an improvement (usually a driver confidence thing, or exact car placement to avoid a bump, etc)

For fast drivers, you are often doing more vehicle setup analysis than driving coaching analysis. Is there a place where the car can be improved. If you make a change, can you measure that in the data system as more speed, more throttle, this will show up first with the fast driver.

Thank you David!

This answer gets me started in the right direction. Now I know where to look and what to do!