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Error message whilst calculating maths in I2 Standard

Professional Motorsport Data Analysis

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Hi Everyone,

i have tried to replicate the maths functions shown in this module, but I always get the following error message: "Unary operator does not apply to this operand". I have searched the internet for that error message an have found someone saying that you get this message when using I2 standard for advanced math, which is only available with I2 pro. Is that correct or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advace

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Try this

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Good work around Denis!

It worked, thank you for your solution.

So, I assume it doesn´t work the way I intended it originally because of my I2 standard version?

Yes, standard doesn't appear to allow unary minus...I guess they simplified it to allow it to be free and help justify the extra cost of pro. Seems a slightly daft restriction given how easy it is to get around!

Yes, it seems a bit odd to limit the use of something as simple as multiplying by -1. But I guess you could also just invert the Channel, if there is the option in the analysis software.

Thank you for your help:)


Thanks for that, I have reported it as a bug (this operand should be allowed in i2 Standard Maths) and it will be looked into for resolution in the next release of i2.

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