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Example Logged Data and Software Tools Download

Professional Motorsport Data Analysis

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Hey Team!

The Data Analysis Fundamentals Course uses 3 different data systems for the demonstrations throughout the course: Video VBOX, AiM Sport and MoTeC. As I say in the course, you'll get much more out of the material if you can have a data system open as you move through the course so you can practice the techniques as you go. It really does not matter what logged data system you are working with, the concepts apply regardless.

We have made available some logged data in all 3 of the systems we use in the course. This means if you don't have any logged data of your own yet, or you are curious about trying out different systems you can download the data for yourself and play around.

I've also included links to the analysis software you need to analyse each of the different data sets. Hopefully, these links to each of the manufacturer's websites remain working (we have no control over this) but I'll update them over time if need be.

If you aren't familiar with the system you want to use I recommend reading the relevant help file and having a look at some tutorials. If anyone has problems accessing the data please post to the forum and we will find a fix for you! Otherwise, enjoy guys 👊 - Tim

Video VBOX

Example logged data

Analysis software download

Use the download software button near the top of the page


Aim Sport

Example logged data

Analysis software download

Race Studio 2 is the current official analysis software for AIM data. Race Studio 3 is available to download but at the moment is still being treated as a Beta release. All the AIM examples in the Data Analysis Fundamentals course were done with Race Studio 2.



Example logged data

Analysis software download

Scroll down to the Data Analysis section and choose either MoTeC I2 Standard or Pro. Note that only data recorded by the logger as "Pro" can be opened in I2 Pro, "Standard" data is not able to be opened in I2 Pro without an additional software license upgrade. The data supplied from the course resources section is Pro data, so either the Standard or the Pro versions of the software can be used with this data. The Pro version of I2 has more features which makes it more powerful than the Standard version.

Hi Tim,

Any chance you'd have some example data for Haltech ESP / Data view

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