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Going through the Constants sections in the maths channel builder for AiM's RaceStudio2 I noticed some of the constants are car specific, or atleast not specific to my current vehicle I'm logging data for (a Yamaha R3 race bike). Will I need to tweak these constant values for my race bike if I want the maths channels to function properly, or should I leave things as is? For example, some of the constants are for vehicle mass, wheelbase, number of gears, drag coefficient, front surface area, etc..


You should change the constants to suit your vehicle.

Thanks David, will change the constants accordingly for the values that I can verify.

Curious, if I don't have values for the front surface area and drag coefficient of my bike, am I better off deleting and leaving out these constants entirely in the maths channel builder page, or will this cause errors with my maths channels? Thanks again!

Are your math channels using those constants?

Correct, they were included by AiM by default in the maths channel builder so I was a tad hesitant to completely delete them.

I tried looking at whether there was a difference between loading up RS2 in either bike analysis mode and car analysis mode, but the constants values were identical for each in the maths channel builder page which I found a bit strange.

The non vehicle related maths channels included by default are:















The vehicle specific maths channels included by default are:

MASS, Value=480 (believe this would be a value in KGs?)

WHEELBASE, Value=2.81 (believe this would be a value in metres?)

GEARFACTOR, Value=5 (I'm assuming this is # of transmission gears?)

Cx, Value=0.61 (aero resistance coefficient I believe?)

FRONTSURF, Value=0.91

MASS, WHEELBASE, and GEARFACTOR are easy enough to modify, but should I delete Cx and FRONTSURF since I don't have these values for my bike?

FRONTSURF can be measured by drawing a box around the frontal view of the bike that is the same height as the screen and width of the main fairing, excluding the handle bars. This will give a good average frontal area for the bike, considering that the frontal area of a race bike will change alot during a single lap, depending on the position that the rider has taken.

Stephen, thanks for that insight. I'll go out and do some measurements.

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