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MoTeC CDL3 Display Configuration

Professional Motorsport Data Analysis

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Configuring a CDL3 Motec dash. Is there a way to limit the channel reading number so you can have more letters?

For example, if I want to display on the bottom line fuel usage in litres, I only need 3 numbers (max 99.9), but it allows up to 9999.9 and limits how many letters I can display. It is currently set as (FUELUSE_9999.9), but I would prefer (FUEL_USED_99.9)

Is this possible? I couldn't work it out if so.



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No, ADL, SDL and CDL displays can only display either 7 alpha + 6 value digits (one value), or two 2 alpha + 4 value digits, or three 3-digit values (no alphas).

That was a big advantage of the color displays.

I find leaving out vowels usually works, so FUELUSD is more understood than FUELUSE

Thanks David. Definitely puts the C127 further up the wish list.. maybe one day.

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