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populating tables with scatterplotted data in I2pro

Professional Motorsport Data Analysis

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is it possible to populate a table from data in a log file in i2pro?

Ill use timing for instance, in the maths channels:

set the x axis as rpm (0-9000, 10.steps of 1000),

set the y axis as manifold pressure (0-270kpa, 10 steps of 30)

and then set cell values to ignition timing?

What are you trying to do? If you've got a MoTeC log file from an ECU, you can view the ECU configuration using Tools->View Device Config...

Or is the ECU password protected, and you are trying to back out the table values?

There is no "table" display, a Scatter Plot is the best you can do. With a large enough data set, you can put the cursor near the intersections of the cell values you want to fill out, and capture that value. Here is an example, so the cursor is at 5000 RPM, 60 kPa, and the Ignition Timing is 24.9 deg.


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Another way to do this, would be to export the data (just the channels you need) as a CSV file, then use Mega Log Viewer to create a table -- I don't know if that could be exported, but it would be in tabular form, maybe you can cut/paste it?

yeah mlvhd is my current way into this , it's 1 of 2 situations that I use megalog viewer over i2pro.

The other theory is creating a ridiculous amount of math functions using stat_avg(speed and load)

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