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zero dampers

Professional Motorsport Data Analysis

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I was wondering how to zero dampers on motec, cosworth and aim?

Also is this done with the car on ground with fuel and possibly driver in?


I prefer to do it with the car assembled, and trundling down pit lane at the beginning of an outing. In MoTeC I2, I usually use "Zero at Cursor" on my position sensor channel. This captures the car with fuel, suspension settings, etc exactly as it was on track for that session.

With AiM, I find a similar location, and scale the channels with an offset to produce a zero reading.

It's been a while since I've use Cosworth software with suspension position sensor, but I would use a similar technique to the ones above.

What techniques do you use?

I've not done this before sorry.

This may sound like a stupid question. On motec histogram the rebound is the minus mm/s. I would have thought rebound would be the positive and compression negative? Or do I need to inverse it with math channel?

Thank you

You can calibrate your sensors either direction. I prefer to have bump as positive so I can then to the math with the spring rate (actually wheel rate) and calculate the downforce, front % downforce, etc. When done that way, rebound velocities are negative.

Thanks for that.

Managed to do it on motec .

Just need to find out how to zero dampers on PI toolbox.

The cars I will be working on this year are all cosworth systems.

Thank you

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