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HeeL & Toe in Trail Braking Zone

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Not sure if this comes across as an odd question ... in the quest to brake deeper and deeper into some corners, would we ever find ourselves in a situation where we need to heel & toe while trail braking? Especially when the brake zone requires multiple downshifts (with the final downshift(s) happening in the trail brake zone) and maybe if we have tall gearing as well.

Yes, no, maybe... Normally, you would complete all downshifts while still doing threshold braking. Trail braking is only the vary last little bit of braking, so it's unlikely you would still need to be shifting.

The good news -- when you need to drop more than one gear, the braking takes longer (because of the greater speed loss), so you have more time to get the shifts done before turn-in.

I'm sure there or counter examples but in 40 years of track driving, I've never felt this was a problem.

Yes, the most likely scenario would be a fast open-entry corner that tightened up to a slow, tight apex/exit.

Another instance may be if you cought a slower car and wanted the extra downshift for a better overtake drive on exit.

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