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Sim racing gear recommendations?

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I'm interested in putting some money into some nice sim gear. But I don't really know anything about the equipment out there.

Can anyone recommend any specific pieces of kit that are must-have's? Or things that are overpriced or don't help, and should avoid?


Hey Matt, honestly this is such a loaded question since there are so many products out there that are great and of course no two budgets are the same. All I can do is offer my own experience which is not extensive by any means. I started out with a Thrustmaster TMX Pro wheel and pedal set and then upgraded. I now use the simworx V3 load cell pedals which are excellent, and a simucube DD wheel base with a cube controls wheel. What I'd say is that the change from the cheap non load cell pedals to the simworx was a massive step forward, particularly for driving anything that is non-abs. The wheel was a step forward and is far superior but it doesn't make as much difference to the experience as the pedals - pro tip, if you're on a budget i believe the pedals are the place to spend money.

I run triple 32" 2k monitors and love them. I personally think that VR probably has a little way to go before it matches quality triples but that does end up being personal preference to a degree. We use VR on the work sim and it's got some pros and cons. Lastly for the shifter and handbrake I'm using Fanatec and it's great. The shifter is nice since it can be adjusted from sequential to h pattern with a simple slider - Takes 2 seconds.

I hope all that helps. My advice would be to spend some time on Boosted Media's youtube and check some of his comparisons and product reviews.

Thanks Simon. Yeah I didn't mean it as a loaded question. The fact that there are so many products is my whole problem, I have no idea where to begin!

Good pedals and good steering is the same tips I've heard before, so I'll probably start with some good stuff there. And build up the rest over time.


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