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After I finished the "Practical Reflash Tuning", I tuned my car (Chevrolet Camaro 2017 V6 3.6L), and optimized the EFI configuration as I learned in the courses (Knock Free). Thanks to your courses, people trust in me when I am explaining the job that I will do in their cars (all - naturally aspirated engines).

Now I installed a nitrous system with a 100hp shot in my car to expand my knowledge and tuning experience. I tuned the Ignition Timing with 6 grades less in the WOT area of the table (2 grades every 50hp shots and 2 additional, just in case). I configured the Power Enrichment table with value between 82% (first 2k rpm) to 77% (from 5k rpm to 8k rpm), and interpolate the values in between. Now the car's engine suffers of knocks all time in WOT. I made some tests retarding the ignition more until 36 grades less, and the knocks continues. I am not sure is I need to enrich the AFR more in the Power Enrichment tables.

I need some advise based in your experience to guide me in this new journey of the EFI tuning with nitrous systems. Thank you very much for your help.


Luis Meléndez

Hi Luis i aim for the same afr as without the nos on EFI systems and .5 afr richer on carburetor engines if you are having knock issues still you may want to add water meth to the mix to help with that

regards Ross

+ 1. I use the same afr with nitrous just like without it ...

Hi Ross and Shota,

Thank you very much for your quick responses. I will consider a richer AFR for the nitrous system and/or acquire water meth kit.


Luis Meléndez

first of all, is this a wet or dry system.

sounds like a dry kit if he is using PE to try to compensate for the fuel needs when using the nitrous. but yes is it dry or wet ? and stock fuel system ?

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