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Afr on hp tuners

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Can anyone help me out of how to get commanded afr and actually afr channels on hp tuners just starting out little confused been playing around with a 2005 chevy 2500 6.0 ls truck and all i can see is ltft and stft thanks

To get actual AFR you'll need to add an external wideband. I personally use an Innovate LM2 or MTX-L and then you can bring the AFR straight into your laptop via the serial output from the Innovate and a serial-USB converter. This will then allow you to use the pre-defined AFR error math channel. Commanded EQ ratio (AFR) however is a PID you can select. Just search for 'EQ' and you'll find it.

Ok thanks Andre one more question idk if you've ever played around with the jtec ecm on the dodge/chrysler vehicles i have a 2003 dodge dakota with a v6 engine truck was my first vehicle ive always wanted to v8 swap the truck since i was in highschool the v8 is a 5.2 magnum wich is the same engine as the v6 they share identical specs just number of cylinders somehow tuners in the usa can get the jtec ecm to run the v8 but they act like its "magic" there sequential multiport injection engines do you know how i can do the swap and tuning myself many thanks

They are probably just reflashing the V8 ROM image into the original ECU.

Can you do that with hp tuners?

Yes, if you have the relevant file with a matching OS you can perform a 'write entire'.