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hi new to the titanium software,I have a stock original file for a bt50 but am struggling to find a driver any help would be appreciated

Hi Adam, so far I've had very little to do with the ECM Titanium package. The feedback I consistently hear though is that the definitions are incomplete and in many instances it's not possible to do any thorough tuning on some cars. I know a lot of euro specialists use Alientech for reading and flashing, but use winols to actually find maps in the raw hex file.

Hi Adam and andre

Unfortunately ecm titanium gets a bad view due to an old cracked version floating around.

This version was very incomplete since then there has been 44 revisions. I can tell you as I own both ecm titanium and winols both original ecm is good for very basic tuning. What people would refer to as a stage 1.file and some stage 2 files

I you are looking to learn I suggest using an original version. Obviously costly but Alot better to use as far as drivers. The bt50 is too new to have drivers in the cracked version the new original has drivers as I have done many bt50/ford ranges. Using ecm and some hybrid turbo ones using winols