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Hi everyone,

Can anyone with experience using this platform give me some insight please.

I'm considering forking out the cash to get it and allow reflashing of a wide range of OEM Ecu's but the US dealer is telling me it can't data log to file and by extension look at logs.

I find this baffling to say the least...this thing is costing close to $9000usd and it can't data log to file??? Anyone with realtime experience...can you confirm this?



Can anyone shed some insight on this please?

Most OEM ECU don't have built-in logging. Customers log using a Bluetooth OBD2 Interface and apps on their smart phones/tablets. These are the logs sent to the tuners. A common App is Torque Pro. Search for that on You Tube and you'll find lots of videos showing it in use.

What about the autel tools...anyone have experience data logging with them?

be short:

KESS is the tool to read the physical ECU (OEM ECU, not standalone) via OBD2 port and then save the stock file to your computer. Depending on your need, you may want to buy KTAG too (bcos for example some ECUs allow you to read by KESS but when writing it fails - I got several cases llike this)

ECM Titanium is to tune the file you read in step above. After tuning you can write the modified file back to the OEM ECU using KESS

Both KESS and ECM Titanium doesn't have ability to data log. You need other devices such as Autel tablet. For me I work mostly with Ford car so I find that an ELM and Forscan is better than Autel (for Ford only)