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Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi guys recently I’ve been getting some gear together to start tuning my cars and my question was concerning data loggers. What will be the best data logger for a starter tuner that would enable me to get all the data needed for a practical tuning? Thanks

What engine, what vehicle? Looks like you have a VR4 (Mitsu GTO in other countries). What year is it? You can use Evoscan on some of them for reflash tuning. It's similar to what is available on EVOs. Basically it converts your ECU into a '99 spec VR4 ECU that can be flashed like an Evo.



Thanks much, I do have a 92" VR4 I was just wondering if there was a generic data logger that would suit any application. I know in the reflash course Andre uses one that looks amazing as far as all the data and details it can capture. So its my understanding now that depending on the vehicle you would have to use different data loggers. Thanks much for your input, I am currently getting set up to begin my tuning adventure, obviously data logging would be the first step.

Unfortunately there isn't a generic data logger that will suit all cars. Particularly with commercial reflash packages, often the data logger or scanner software is bundled in with the calibration software. This is the case for example with HP Tuners and Ecutek. There are universal data analysis packages such as Mega Log Viewer HD (MLVHD) which can be used to perform some powerful analysis on any log file in a .csv format. In the Mitsu tuning world I'd look into Evoscan (also surprisingly useful for Subaru).

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