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Best Flashing Tool For Denso and toyota ecus

Practical Reflash Tuning

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i wanted to know which is the best reflash tool (None OBD) for denso ECU's

im having an issue finding the right tool to read data from the following ecu

isuzu 897319 2746

denso 275800 -2184

gm 24451764

all these ecu numbers are on 1 sticker on the ecu i cant find any wiring diagram to j-tag my kess and my k-tag dont list it im pulling my hair out now

I cant connect through obd as i only have the engine and ecu as its going in a rebuild and the car itself is scrap now.

Also i bought my missus a gen 6 toyota celica GT with a GT4 facelift. Since buying her this she has joined several toyota clubs i have been asked by several members what tool would be best to reflash there celicas any feedback please ?

G'day Nicky.

You're likely to be a bit out of luck with the Celica ECU I suspect. That generation of Toyotas have pretty locked down ECU's with specific Toyota developed microcontrollers in them that have no documentation, so they haven't been reverse engineered for re-flashing. If you do find anything, let us know though!

Can you please attach ecu`s board pictures ?

or how i can read the immo chip to program a new master key

the chips are AT&T 1251 706 but cant seem to get my upa usb to read the data