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C5 z06 HCI P059 pcm dialing in idle

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I'm having issues with stalling when i come to a stop when I depress the clutch the rpm dips about 200-300rpm lower than commanded idle speed. I used a STIT+LTIT Gear histogram to setup my base idle arirflow table. I set my throttle cracker table to 0 up to 32mph and 2200 rpm so the rpm doesn't hang. I've added 1.5 grams of airflow to the throttle follower table not sure if this is helping with issue. Car idle good have my under and over spark tables set to -2 and 2 on the other across the board spark jumps between 14-18 degrees at idle. Idle rpm is set to 950 rpm at operating temp. My idle airflow trims are near 0%. Do I need to add more airflow to base idle airflow table or adjust my adaptive idle PID setting. So once I am about to stop or shift gear the rpm will drop 200-300 below commanded and stall out once in a while. If I increase my idle airflow table my airflow trims will be not as close to zero. Cam specs 226/238 on a 115 with ported heads stock bottom end 11:1 ported fast 102 and nw102

Have you enabled the rolling idle tables?

No I haven't. I'm trying to get away without using it but I might have too.

It is a C5 problem when press the clutch pedal, if you are using HPT they did not have tables initially....they do now. If your throttle blips are working correctly parked clutch in & out, BRAF is correct, idle timing, over under spark tables working as the should not much else try.

Two tips I was given that were very helpful, try to get the idle a stable as possible without the timing over/under nanny. The second, in the main spark table set up the below idle columns to work like your under speed idle timing table.

Enabling the rolling idle was the best solution with my C5, cam was 228/228 around 2.5* overlap. Ported Fast & a NW 102TB.....had very nice street manners & anyone could drive it without instruction. It was difficult to get right, many struggle the large TB.