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C6 RS6 Software

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Kia Ora HPA Whanau,

whilst I am a three year member, I am very new to tuning still! My experience is soley around the RB26DETT Platform, a basic understanding of Alpha N and Link ECU's

I now own a 2010 C6 RS6 and am struggling to find anyone who is willing to share their knowledge or assist in directing me around which software I can use to access my RS6 beyond the likes of VCDS for Diagnostic purposes.

Is there anyone here who could guide me as to who produces this kind of software or who would be willing to share their knowledge around these complex platforms. I have developed quite the passion for my car and am yet to find anyone in NZ who can actually genuinely perform a tune on one of these cars.

Ngā Mihi


The Bosch ME crowd is a strange bunch and there are a whole host of folks who like to act as gatekeepers within their community still. Your best bet is to probably lurk NefMoto a bit, you should find a fair bit of info on both flashing whichever ME/MED that TSFI engine uses as well as some relatively well defined Damos/XDFs'. My experience is somewhat limited to slightly older VAG/Bosch stuff however I'd be happy to help if I can as well.

Here's NefMoto's forum:


Edit: Also forgot to mention that WinOLS and TunerPro are your two 'legitimate' software packages you'll probabloy hear the most about.

You my good man are an absolute godsend!

I have been reaching out to multiple sources and repuitable tuners of the C6 Platform for the last two years and have encountered exactly that, gatekeeping!

I will start digging, I am a fan of Gale Banks and his focus on Mass Air Density over Boost Pressure and that sparked my interest in tuning to begin with, principals I want to apply to this platform. It might sound crazy but I would love to reduce boost pressure whilst amping up the power, to be able to offer a solution that gives more power, less fuel consumption and emissions is a "utopia" idea of mine and my gut tells me its very possible with a focus on MAD.

Could i be wrong? Sure, but I want to find out anyway!

I always found it frustrating that the general answers were either "no we cannot help" or "just go with the tried and true" (referring to wagner products and the like). I really want to try something new so I intend to use my crash damaged RS6 as a test mule.

Thank you again, I will keep this thread open if thats allowable and I intend to share my learnings here also.



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