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changes in tune

Practical Reflash Tuning

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in course: practical reflash tuning>>worked example

after taking the log why we didnt see the changes in the ecu. i was expecting to see the tune changes after the log you took.

Hi Wael,

Can you be more specific on which module you were watching and I can have a look.

Sorry Wael it seems your post disappeared?

That section of the course you posted "Tuning without a dyno - road tuning" Is on how to carry out road tuning when a dyno is not available.

Earlier in the course "Basic Tuning" it does cover data logging and how this relates to adjustments needing to be made.

You will also find later in the course there is worked examples with different software, this will show you how to read the logs and make the changes needed.

Reading the logs and making the necessary changes is relevant if you're road tuning or dyno tuning.

thats true chris the post got disappeared. my point is in the road logging after he did the changes he didnt show us at all. my point is that this is learning and why he didnt show us. i saw in other sections there is worked example.

I think he might not show the changes as the section of the course is more to concentrate on learning how to control/drive the car etc on the road in a manner which allows you to collect accurate data for tuning.

The actual adjustments part (reading logs and making needed adjustments in the tune) is covered in depth prior to the road tuning section and again in the work examples fuhrer down.

I think you will find the worked examples very helpful in covering this.

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