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Converting N/A LS3 Camaro to Twin Turbos

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Hi – I have a 2015 LS3 Camaro with a large cam and 6spd manual transmission. I am in the process of adding twin turbos now. I do not have an electronic boost controller, I’m just using the manual springs which are currently set at either 8 or 10 psi (I bought the kit used so I’m not sure exactly which springs are in it). I am installing a 3bar MAP sensor, new injectors, and a Livernois dual fuel pump. I have HPTuners.

I planned on running a hybrid (MAF & SD) tune; per the worked examples, my plan was the following:

Backup the existing tune.

Enter the new injector data

Scale the tables for the new MAP sensor

Setup and do the MAF tune

Setup and do the SD tune

Run in hybrid mode

I have a few questions:

Since the car was already tuned for N/A with the cam and long tubes, should I start with the tune I already have or should I start with the stock tune (since now I have shorty headers and the cold air intake is different because of the turbos)?

When do I change the OS to 1-bar MAP (even though I’m running a 3-bar).

Is there a webinar or course for tuning the boost enrichment table under PE, and at what step above would I do that tune?

When I first put the cam in, I paid a remote tuner to setup the car. They adjusted a couple of the idle airflow tables. It seems to idle fine, but I’d like to understand how to set those tables since so much has changed on the engine. Is there a tutorial about setting idle airflow for big cam cars (even if not LS3).


practicial reflash should cover most of what you need and there is a lot of different webinars on our website just type HP TUNER into the search bar

regards Ross