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couple of issues on hptuner

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i have ls2 on 0411 ecu and my knock sensor doesnt seem to work im using psi harness and new sensors i just looked for the part number SU1282VC and im wondering if it defective or maybe software issue.

my car is running weird after reinstalling passenger headers and minor modification to the catback,

i tried to hack my ve table but that didnt fix the issue only made it worse,

my both banks have the same long terms fuel trim so i cant think its the passenger headers leak

but the data from the datalog is different in bank 1 and bank 2 cant tell if the issue is in bank 1 or bank 2,

my misfire system doesnt work i tried changing the enable temp but that didnt fix it,

i tried hptuner forum but no one answered my questions yet


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I'm not too sure how much help I can be here sorry. Everything looks ok in your calibration but the log file you've posted doesn't appear to include the KR PID? Can you add that to your parameter list?

If you've got an issue that's occurred after refitting one exhaust header then I'd definitely start by looking there for some problem you've introduced such as an air leak.

about the knock i changed the knock sensor and the wiring from the sensor to the ecu and relocated the sensor from the left side to the right side of the engine and this fixed the issue, now im getting false knock at low rpm high load and couple other areas , im gonna try running e85 later to tune out the false knock if adding e85 remove knock im gonna retard the timing, the timing is set at 20 and the knock retard get it back to 14.5 (the tuner didnt use the knock sensor when he was tuning but he is reputable tune so im gonna trust his long years of experiance),

now about the issue it still exist with open loop, i dont really know if exhaust leak could have this effect with open loop, the only possible explaination is back pressure but if there is a exhaust leak its so small it wouldnt have any effect on back pressure.

what else i could check, could iac have any effect, im not sure if this is normal but when i turn off the engine i hear the iac making clicking noise like a relay, i tried unplugging the iac and the car started and idles fine i reved it couple of times and didnt die, maybe the rpm is slightly higher but its normal on a cold start, could iac stuck open do this

wait you moved the knock sensor but the ECU is expecting it to be in the standard location? The ECU is tuned for specific frequencies that assume the sensor is in the stock location. I would not move it unless you have a very good reason for doing so.

So do you have an exhaust leak or vacuum leak? Did you check?

hi raymond,

my tuner tuned the car without knock sensor or headset, the tuner who tuned it is known for his conservative tune, and he have long years of experiance with ls engines he is one of the best tuners in california,and basically from looking at the tune file i think its a generic base tune he have and optimize it to the customer car

im using 0411 ecu which have the knock sensor on the valley cover, and ls2 engine have the knock sensor on the left side which is known for running slightly leaner, i moved it to the right side from the left side because of the thread side on the knock sensor this way i dont have to remove the engine and drill and rethread the hole,

the tuner did change the knock sensor sensitivity but not sure if he increased it or reduced it, this is an issue for later once i can get the car running,

i dont think i have exhaust leak i removed the headers over 10 times now with different gasket bolt i tried everything i took the car to couple of exhaust shops and they said there is no exhaust leak

today i tried to mess with the tune again and i changed the cylinder charge temp bias to 1 all across the table this was the only thing that got me close to target afr, i only changed 3-5 cell in the ve table before my laptop died on me so im not 100% sure that this is the issue

my fuel trim issue happen at any temp from 98f to 190f iat there is no difference,

today i changed the intake tube from aluminum to airaid plastic, and from ls7 maf to gm brass iat installed air filter and my iat went down from 190f to 158f but i still want to get it down to 140f max any tips

what is the filter coefficent table not really sure what is the lb/h mean or how to scale it

and the other thing is there a way to see the active fuel enrichment in datalog as my commanded lambda is always at 1 but i think there is still other tables causing issues

did you check for vacuum leaks?

still cant find any, i found one headers bolt that looks darker than the other kinda looks rusted or burned so i changed all the bolts and retorqued the driver side headers but still the same

from efi live knock sensor set up:

The PCM can be used with two types of knock sensors, this parameter allows you to select which type of sensor is fitted to the engine.

The standard LS1 sensor is a resonant type, these sensors are connected like so -

Sensor Bank #1 - J1,pin51

Sensor Bank #2 - J1,pin11

If the engine is fitted with flat response sensors (like the LS2 uses), then the connections are like so -

Sensor Bank #1 GND - J1,pin49

Sensor Bank #1 Signal - J1,pin09

Sensor Bank #2 GND - J1,pin50

Sensor Bank #1 Signal - J1,pin10

Only the following values may be entered into this table:

- Resonant (LS1)

- Flat Response (LS2)

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