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Cruise range timing

Practical Reflash Tuning

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How do you optimize timing in the cruise areas after the full throttle area is completed?

Hello, generally this is done on a dyno with very light to no-load (tuning using tractive effort)being added to achieve the highest torque output while maintaining a lean mixture thus creating the best fuel economy, tuning this area is normally straight forward but there are a few things to be mindful of the biggest being snap throttle detonation, explaining this in more detail when achieving the results needed we push the ignition timing pretty high in many cases if by chance the ECU being used is slow to react then when accelerating quickly the ECU doesn't keep up quick enough and ca cause detonation as it is still reading a cruise ignition timing while the actual engine is passing into its power area of the map. so it could be still reading 45deg of timing when it should be reading 30 or less due to the ECU'S lag, modern ecus don't have this issue quite the same,

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