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Custom OS E38 question. HP Tuners

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On my 2014 Camaro SS with an LS3 and E38 ecu I don't have the ability to do a custom OS. I have a tune I got with my twin turbo kit that is from a 2012 SS which does have the ability to do the custom OS. I checked out a couple different tunes from the hp tuners repository and it seems that 2013 and older can have the custom OS and 2014+ cannot. It would be nice to have the boost enrichment tables. My kit came with a ZR1 3 bar MAP sensor and my plan is to tune it on speed density. Am I missing out on a lot? I know I cant change it but I'm just curious.

Interesting you can't add an OS. Can honestly say I haven't had that issue.

There is the way you can tune via speed density without adding the operating system and using the virtual VE and disable dynamic air flow. I personally haven't done it this way but know Andre has done testing and some content on it.

Have you checked out the Reflashing course? Has a lot of info on HP Tuners