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Data Logging with Evo Scan

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi Andre/fellow tuners,

I am new to the re-flashing scene in general so I do not have any experience using the open source software that is available to tune mitsubishi evos.

So far, I am only aware of a program know as Evo Scan to data log the stock ECU and aid in making tuning changes. From the HPA material however, I have grown accustomed to seeing data logging being presented on stand alone applications very nicely laid out graphically in an array of different colours to help make things nice and easy to assess. Even in the re-flashing course, the data logger programs you use for Ecutek as well as HP tuners is similar to the stand alones in this regard.

As I said, I do not have any experience in the evo tuning scene, but from investigation, it seems that there is no graphical interface/display that I've grown accustomed to seeing? Instead from what I see, the data has to be assessed in ASCII format on a program like MS Excel? Is this true or am I missing something?

Thanks a lot,


The evoscan logger is one I've used extensively and it's very popular in the Mitsubishi reflashing world. It does allow you to graphically view the data although the way you can view and manipulate the data is more limited than some of the standalone ECUs we present our webinars and course material on. Since evoscan produces a .csv file, you can also view and manipulate the data in MegaLogViewer which is a more complex and advanced log file viewer. You can download a trial copy to see if it suits your requirements. The paid version is about $30 USD so it's not an expensive exercise.

Hi Andre,

Thanks for the reply, the mega log program looks really advanced like the stuff on the stand alone platforms, I think I will go ahead and purchase a copy of this.

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