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Default Spark Advance and Retard Graphs / Histograms

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Andre I realize you did not author HP Tuners but can you comment on why the stock Spark Advance and or Spark Retard graphs/histograms show Manifold Absolute Pressure as the Y axis instead of the much more appropriate for tuning Cylinder Airmass which directly corresponds to the Spark Advance tables in the VCM Editor. Again I know you did not write that code, but maybe you have some insight, I ask because I can see beginner tuners being super confused by this choice of features.

Hi Greg, I can't really say for certain. Obviously these histograms make more sense if you're running an SD patch but not in stock form. I don't know why the default histograms weren't setup with options of MAP and airmass as that would cover both options. Regardless though. it's easy enough to switch parameters around as required and I think this is an important skill to anyone using the VCM Scanner. No matter how thorough the default histograms are, you'll almost always find a situation where the parameters or break points don't suit.

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