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Disable close loop, stft and ltft individually

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi, what’s the common way to disable close loop, stft and ltft individually in order to perform fuel calibration when flash tuning the factory ECU or DME when there’s no specific function for it?

Hello what software are you using ?

Hi, sorry for the late reply, didn’t received your reply from my email, thought no one sees my question ^^!, I am thinking to use Tuner pro to flash road tune via MHD on BMW N54 platform, and would like to disable closed loop to perform AFR celebrations before actual tuning it, however the software is an open source, so there isn’t a disable function for closed loop or STFT and LTFT individually like others, my question is, is there any common technique or trick ( unplug the O2 for stft or like the lesson show from the reflash tuning course to altering the coolant temp for ltft?)to disable these functions and with out been force to limp mode by the factory DME and remain drivable.

Thanks in advance!

im hoping someone else that is familiar with tuning this system can help here as I do not have any idea sorry,

No problem, Thank you for your time of reading my question and reply.

I would like to contribute and say that these ecus are designed to operate permanently in closed loop. But maybe you could unplug the 02 sensor and trigger a state is open loop only. Be careful though! This is just some suggestions.

Okay thanks! Any info is great, appreciated!

if you are on ijeos add this table attched in the screenshot to your xdf.

0 = closed loop enabled

1 = equals open loop

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Yyyyyes! Thanks a lot, great info, much appreciate!

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