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Are there plans to create reflashing courses for the recent (2015+) GPEC2A Dodge controllers?

At this stage we have had very limited requests for Dodge tuning so it's not a high priority for us sorry. Have you got some specific questions though because it's still possible I can help you out here.

I'm trying to figure out how the spark tables are used and which ones are accessed and why. I'm using HP Tuners and I'm finding actual spark advance when logging is a bit higher than would be expected by any of the common tables. I cannot find any spark modifiers that would make sense as timing is approximately 2* advanced from the highest table (other than the MBT table which is considerably higher) while coolant and intake temps are in the normal operating range.

The application is a 2016 Challenger 6.4 liter.

Maybe I should re-phrase this question.

How does the PCM choose what spark advance to run? There are many tables.

It's possible that the definition may not give you access to every table. Not being familiar with the dodge ECU makes it hard for me to be super specific but even if you can't access a modifier table that's resulting in the difference between the table values and the logged timing, it's reasonable to assume that adding 2 degrees to your map will achieve an increase in 2 degrees so you can still perform your tuning in the normal way.