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ECU software for Porsche 911 996 Turbo (2002)

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi all! Happy to just have completed my first run through of the EFI basics, and getting ready to start tinkering.

Does anyone know of any software available to reflash the Porsche 911 (2002) 996 Turbo ECU? Commercial or open source.


//. Even - Washington DC, USA

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Hi Even,

Just having a look around and I've seen a company called vrtune who offer a hardware and software package that will connect to your year/model of porsche, can't vouch for them but might be worth an email to them to see what's what.


Thanks, but that’s unfortunately yet another “we will flash your car for you with our black magic skills and hardware that we won’t give you access to”. It’s so hard to find software that allows you to do this yourself. People that make this stuff are super protective, which makes me think it’s some generic hardware and software that “everyone” has access to if they’re “in the club”. Frustrating. Thanks, though.

I'll keep an ear to the ground and see what I can find, yes agreed but there are many licencing bits and bobs getting in the way of all of this information being open source. The time will come when it will all be *fingers crossed*

Do you know the model of your ecu that's fitted in your car?


i don’t know, tbh. Any suggestions for how to find out?

Most likely is a Bosch unit, I’ll do some digging and see, then it’s a case of looking for a reflashing system that will communicate with that Bosch ecu

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