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ECUFLASH- Subaru 3.0 not able to view any tables.

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Im new reflashing factory ECU.

I am attempting to modify a JDm Legacy 3.0r. I have the Def files installed, I can open the modded rom I created. But for some reason all the tables are greyed out in ECU Flash.

I have attached a screen shot, the rom and def file if anyone had any ideas!

Is it just me or is all these ecu def's a pain in the ass?!

Any ideas?

Attached Files

Are you sure the definition is right?

is this the file thats been read from your car?

What software did you use to edit the ROM?

What is your user permissions set to?

Is your calibration ID actually D2ZU200A because I can't open it in either RomRaider or ECUflash?